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31 days of gratitude 3

As a twenty-four-year-old, Shilamida was earning a six-figure income. By age twenty-six, she was living in poverty—and she was terrified.

The causes of the change weren’t a mystery. Within two years, Shilamida had gotten pregnant and become a single mother. During that time, her father passed away, and her mother battled cancer for the second time.  But the root of her problems went deeper; Shilamida realized she had never been grateful for all the blessings in her life—and she was determined to recover a sense of peace and achieve her dreams.

She studied with such modern masters of spirituality as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. She immersed herself in Kabbalah and The Law of Attraction and studied and practiced massage therapy and Reiki II. She then became a Licensed Acupuncturist. And now Shilamida is sharing her hard-won knowledge with the world. The secret to her success is simple: gratitude.

In 31 Days of Gratitude, you will begin your own gratitude practice. Positive affirmations and guidelines for living accompany prompts to write down what you are grateful for. Your own journey of healing and personal growth can begin today with the guidance of someone who’s been where you are, understands your struggles, and has learned how to thrive.

Amazing things are on their way. Feel that energy.

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